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Iranian Culture & Civilisation in Shushi








Iranian Culture & Civilisation in Shushi



dr.hossein ahmadi








from its foundation in 1756 to 1923,shushi has been the center of qarabagh.different sources have referred to as "shishe" or "shushi". 

_ in allpersian sources of late 18th and 19th and early 20th centuries. 

_ Qarabagh letters in 19th century including the history of qarabagh by mirza jamal javanshir qarabaghi or tarikhe safi(safi history)by mirza yussef qarabaghi. 

_ all written turkish sources of 19th and early 20th centuries. 

_ the persian inscription in shushi especially those of gowhar agha mosque. 

_ the last names of some individuals including khan shushinski,fereidun shushinski and seyyed shushinski. 

when stalin took the power in his hands,he attempted to remove any cultural influence of iran and the caucasus and centeral asia.in this regard ,the persian and arabic alphabet was changed to latin alphabet in 1923.however .when turkey adoppted latin alphabet and the possible inclination of the people of this area to turkey,again,the alphabet was changed to cyrillic in the soviet union.since then.it was decided to gather all persian and arabic books and destroy anything that had any persian trace in it.for the first time,it was muhammad  qarabaghi who used "shusha" instead of "shushi" in his father's eleven page book in may 1936. 

some year later hassan ekhfa alizadeh graduated from linguistic faculty in soviet union and in his book shusha,a historical city written in turkish language and in arabic alphabet,used "shusha" extensively.of course ,alizadeh confesses that the name of this castle was "shisha".since then,all published sources in soviet azerbaijan referred to this place as "shusha".some other facts indicating the deep influence of iranian culture and Civilisation in Shushi are as follows.